Cheat Sheet to cheese platters



Festive times don’t have to end with the holidays. As long as there are friends,  conversation, and laughs; good times can be had by all.  Thanks to, I am anxious to try my hand at hosting a party with assorted goodies that are beautifully displayed on the blog.  However, for those people who don’t always have time I discovered that Wegmans offers a variety of prepackaged cheeseboards for your palette.

3 thoughts on “Cheat Sheet to cheese platters

  1. Since cheese is one of my favorite platters to serve I am so glad to hear about one of the platters that most people enjoy with olives ,wine and grapes. Keep giving featuring such enjoyable entertaining foods. Ellie


  2. While visiting Paris I ordered a glass of white wine and they served me olives, cheese with French bread. This was such an interesting combination as well as exciting adventure that I decided to serve same when I can back to my home in New York and I find it to be very good for an appetizer. Now I have added veggies such as carrots, radishes, celery and cucumbers and actually it is a big hit. So cheese is something Paris has a great taste and variety but we can enjoy as well. Also try Italy for their various selections serve with their cold cuts and they are equally as delicious.


  3. Ellie I so appreciate your input, ideas and your willingness to share your knowledge. I will look into cheese platters and the addition of cold cuts. I love olives and I know in New York as well as in Paris you have the advantage of visiting many shops that offer great variety. I will share more about where to go for the best olives and cheeses. Thanks for the idea!


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