Wine & Mussels



Mussels are easy to make once they are rinsed with cold water. Discard any broken shells or opened mussels. Add olive oil to a large pot. Sauté  onions/shallots, thyme, and garlic for 2 minutes.  Toss in the mussels and add dry white wine, lemon juice, vegetable broth/water enough to cover the bottom of the pot. Some people choose to add a small amount of milk to thicken the broth. Then add butter, pepper, salt, and cover pot.  Steam on high heat until the mussels open for 6 -7 minutes, to ensure that the mussels are open. Serve with warm toasted bread and the lovely dry- white wine pictured that goes perfect with mussels, oysters, and rich, soft cheeses.  Picpoul de Pinet is a crisp, refreshing wine with a tang of grapefruit and green-apple notes. These wines from France are mostly all sold in this green tall bottle with a Languedoc cross embossed on the top of the bottle. For all the beauty and great taste; its inexpensive as well.


6 thoughts on “Wine & Mussels

  1. What a fantastic combo – simply delicious. I like to eat this with some Italian bread for the ultimate dunking of the bread in sauce. Wow !


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