Clams on ice



  • little neck clams or cherrystone clams
  • crushed ice
  • lemon wedge


  • use a brush to scrub the clams under cold water to remove debris.
  • shuck the clams using a mitt to hold them steady while inserting a small clam or oyster knife between the two halves of the shell. Work your way around the clam to separate the halves.
  • use a small bowl to catch the juice from each clam
  • cut away the muscles and throw the top shell away
  • use the knife to detach the clam from the bottom shell completely and leave it in the shell.
  • pour the clam juice from the small bowl onto the shucked clams
  • place the clams in the crushed ice.

Serve with horseradish, cocktail sauce, mignonette sauce, hot sauce or Ponzu marinade.

Wine Pairing:  Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Muscadet, and Chenin Blanc


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