Arthritis Secrets – joint pain relief from apricots


Apricots are an excellent source of Vitamin A, which is a strong antioxidant. They are rich in vitamin A content due to the presence of high levels of beta-carotene in them which is a precursor of Vitamin A.  It is also a good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber and potassium.   Beta-cryptoxanthin is the nutrient in apricots that is may prevent osteoarthritis.  This fruit has high levels of magnesium, which is known to ease pain.  You can stuff the apricot with goat cheese and sunflowers or almonds.

10 thoughts on “Arthritis Secrets – joint pain relief from apricots

  1. As a person with Arthritis I will definitely eat Apricots and pair it with goat cheese one of my favorites. Thank you Pot Lucky for sharing this information.


  2. Also,apricot pits have a very important and most essential vitamin in it-B17.Although its “outlawed” here in the states,this powerhouse of a nutrient is well documented and known to have excellent cancer preventive,and cancer fighting properties! Another valuable way to eat your way to health! So eat up!


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