Greek Delight


Another way to enjoy apricots is with Greece’s national drink, Ouzo.  It’s made from a combination of pressed herbs, grapes, berries, and aniseed, licorice, mint, wintergreen, fennel and hazelnut.  Ouzo is served as an aperitif.  It’s an excellent no cook options.

Pairing Ouzo with food:  grapes leaves, feta or graviera cheese (Greek cheeses), pita wedges, nuts, olives and dried apricots (which is also known to ease joint pain).  Ouzo is also paired with dishes like, baked or fried potatoes, fried fish, grilled seafood, cheese pies, and souvlaki.

6 thoughts on “Greek Delight

  1. I have not tried Ouzo but I will now especially for medicinal purposes and at the same time it will taste good too. Thanks for sharing.


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