More Apricots

Apricots on white

Thanks to FoodSoGood, for her contribution on apricots pits.

Pro: The pit naturally contain the chemical, amygdalin as vitamin B-17.  The deficiency of this vitamin suggest that it may contribute to cancer and other illnesses. Laetrile or amygdalin, is said to kill cancer cells.  It’s not officially recognized as a vitamin, which is the substance beneficial to our health. The pits are also similar to nuts which are rich in helpful fats, fiber and iron.  You can eat the seeds and kernels of the pits as a snack.

Con:  Research claims that the danger of eating apricot pits outweighs the benefits.  According to the American Cancer Society, amygdalin can release cyanide, which is detrimental to the human body. Labels on bitter apricot kernels sold in the United states carry a warning that consumption should not exceed eight kernels a day.

In conclusion it may be better to choose another snack that you can safely eat in larger quantities.

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