Fried Porgies & French Fries w/ cole slaw



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n this day of health consciousness fried foods are becoming less appealing because many people still prepare fried foods using artificial oils that contain trans fats.  These foods tend to have a higher fat and caloric intake which make them unhealthy.

 Firstly, canola oil was used in this recipe.  It is light in monounsaturated rates, low in saturated fat and has plenty of omega-3s.  Research indicates that diets high in monosaturated”good fats” and omega- 3 fats can help to naturally lower your cholesterol. The amount of oil used to fry the food was minimal.  The temperature of the heat was hot enough before frying both the fish and fries, which cuts down on increased fat absorption by the food. This oil is good for quick frying and is more stable at high temperatures.  

Why Eastern White Potato is medium in starch content. It is also known as Superior, Kathdin, or Kennebec).  This all-purpose potato is great tasting and performs well when mashed, baked, fried, in potato salad or served in soups.

Ingredients for Fried Porgies, Batter, & French Fries:   

  • Fresh Porgies (head cut-off & split)
  • Canola oil
  • Flour
  • Cornmeal
  • Pepper, Salt, & Paprika  per taste
  •  Eastern Potatoes                


  • Heat Canola Oil (2-3″) from the bottom of the cast iron frying pan on high heat on stove top
  • Dip fish in batter
  • Test oil to for desired heat by tossing in a pinch of batter to see if it bubbles
  • Place porgies in  oil and cook until golden brown on both sides
  • Clean & Cut the potatoes per your preference ( wedge or circular)
  • Leave / remove skin as desired
  • In a separate cast iron frying pan use the same amount of oil as with the fish
  • Test the oil and cook the potatoes of your choice  on high heat
  • Drain fish and potatoes separately on paper towel
  • For cole slaw prep use prior recipes with mayo or without

Serve with ketchup and hot sauce.

10 thoughts on “Fried Porgies & French Fries w/ cole slaw

    1. It is a fish with bones but very meaty. However, if you are frightened you may enjoy porgy filleted and pan-fried. I am going to post an article about different fish and how they can be cooked. Please let me know if it is helpful.


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