Saturday Tasting Notes


colavita wine

I have decided that Saturday would be the day I share my wine tasting experiences and what wines I enjoyed and purchased.  This week I decided on the Colavita Ripasso dela Valpolicella.

  •  The country of origin : Italy.
  •  Vintage:  2012, Dryness: Dry, Body Medium
  • Its intense ruby red is followed by aromas of spice and dark fruit.  Well-balance, with flavors of wild berries on the finish.
  • Price: $12.99

Today Colavita is famous for their olive oil.  Initially the estate started as a vineyard.

The other featured wines for tasting were:

Famille Bougier Savignon Blanc – origin (France)

  • White minerals, grapefruit, and lime blossom accented by a touch of freshly cut grass.
  •  Great with goat cheese or chicken pot pie.
  • Price:  $11.44

Radius Chardonnay – origin (Washington)

  • Washington wines are a less expensive alternative classics wines from California.
  • Radius combines notes of pear, apple and pear juice , with almonds and butterscotch
  • tones and a long, decadent finish
  • Price:  $8.49

Five Branches Pinot Noir – origin (California)

  • Dark cherry, hints of red plum and vanilla, with a silky finish. You may not be hesitant about opening several prices because of are inexpensive.
  • Price:  $8.49

Les Vigneauc Cabernt Sagnon (France)

  • A tasty liquor no close
  • Red current with a hint of tart cherry; accented by plume, anise, and earthy spices.  A great pairings with  steak au poivre.
  • Price: $ 7.99

Rivata Casa Rossa Sweet Red (Italy)

  • It’s soft, semisweet quaffer bursts with flavors of freshly picked plums and blackberies.
  •  Best served chilled.
  • Price:  $11.99

4 thoughts on “Saturday Tasting Notes

  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite wines and the prices are very good. I am going to look for a few at my liquor store. I love wine tasting. Good time to taste with such cold temperatures.


    1. You are very welcome. The prices are good and often times on wine tasting days the stores will give you a percentage off of the wines presented at the tasting. Cold temperatures are a great time for wines.


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