Staking My Claim


Gina(Tichina Arnold) in the kitchen.gif

I may do it differently but it’s time to stake my claim in the kitchen.  The fact that we all bring something to the table doesn’t mean that mine doesn’t work.

I know how to work it in the kitchen!!!


9 thoughts on “Staking My Claim

  1. The way I cook it is very true as long as I bring a dish to the table and thanks to Pot Lucky you made me realize what ever I cook is my way and with your variety of dishes you have taught me to do much better. Thanks you again.


  2. I totally agree. Everyone brings their own touch to cooking some better than others but at least the novice cook (as I am) will try their best and bring a dish to the table with love. Thanks to Pot Lucky – the guidance I get inspires me to cook.


    1. That is so kind of you. I thank you for your support. Your own touch is invaluable. Novices like myself bring every dish to the table with love. Yes, we like the acclaimed chefs go back to the drawing board to prefect a dish. However, love and the desire to ensure our family and friends enjoy our meals is the most gratifying.


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