Kefir Smoothie

Yesterday I mentioned using Kefir as a substitute for buttermilk in the Irish Soda Bread.   Kefir smoothies are a favorite of mine and have been since excluding meat from my diet.

Kefir is a tart, creamy cultured milk that is 99% lactose free.  This low-fat beverage contains live and active probiotic cultures (15-20 Billion CFUs’) that is high in protein, calcium and vitamin D.  It is known as the “Champagne of Dairy” due to the slightly effervescent nature.  This is a sign that the cultures are live and active as a result of natural fermentation.  Kefir has been popular in Eastern Europe for more than 2000 years.

The pictures below display the blueberry flavored smoothie blended with fruit used to enhance the taste and add nutritional benefits.  The process takes five minutes in the Nutribullet. Remember the taste is tangy so you may wish to add agave or honey.  This Lifeway product comes in various flavors and is sold as low as $3.49 in  local stores.

10 thoughts on “Kefir Smoothie

  1. Wow – what great information. I will try Kefir as a substitute. Thanks your tips are so helpful and healthy too!


  2. Super Interesting topic. Some of my healthier friends drink kefir every morning.
    I don’t mind tangy smoothies, but usually add additional frozen strawberries, frozen bananas or mango that I might have.
    Quick tip: If your organic strawberries begin to get too ripe, wash and cut off stems and any bruised part, put in a plastic bag and place in freezer. Bananas work great for this trick also.
    Thanks for the smoothie tips. I will definitely give kefir a try.
    And thanks for following!




    1. Hi Teri thank so much for the tip. It’s good to know. I’m glad you found the topic interesting. Since you don’t mind the tangy taste of Kefir let me know if you like it whenever you try it :).


  3. Kefir is great for digestive health and to help support the immune system. I personally like yogurt to use for my smoothies,but I am willing to try kefir as a buttermilk substitute as it should work just like sour milk(milk mixed with vinegar).

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  4. Yes, yogurt is great for smoothies as well. Let me know how Kefir works as a substitute for buttermilk. Yes, it is the same concept as vinegar because it causes the milk to curdle. Let me know how Kefir works in your recipe.


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