Saturday Wine Tasting

Cabernet Sauvignon

Fortunately, my eldest daughter reminded me that I hadn’t posted my Saturday wine tasting as yet.  I guess I tasted one too many and wasn’t able to post yesterday.  My tolerance may increase the more I frequent these events.

This weeks tasting notes were a sampler of New & Old World Wines.

  1. Rock Point:  White Blend from Oregon. This is a refreshing aromatic wine made with 90% Riesling and 10% Muscat.  It has an intense fruit aroma of peach and apple.  The palate is crisp but round due to the subtle sweetness.  It’s good chilled as an aperitif, or paired with spicy Asian cuisine. Regular Price: $12.99 -Wine Tasting: $ 11.69 – Online Price: $10.99.
  2. Cuvelier los Andes: Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina 2012.  A great example of muscular Argentine, Malbec. Cuvlier is vibrant and layered with dense dark fruits.  The aromas of blackberry,  plums,  blackberry,  black cherry,  bitter chocolate and violet are supported by impressive structure.  It is a good Malbec at a very good price. Regular Price: $24.99 -Wine Tasting: $22.49 – Online Price: $19.99.
  3.  Pierre Qui Roule:  Cabernet Sauvignon, from France 2015.  This wine was my favorite because of it’s tastiness.  The aromas of strawberries and blackcurrant with hints of spices, mint, cinnamon, honey.  The hints of cedar and oak are subtle.  A velvety mouthfeel combines with the spice making this wine both elegant and complex.  Enjoy alongside of succulent grilled meats, shepherd’s pie, steak with pepper sauce or loin of lamb.  Since I don’t eat meat, I’m going to pair mine with grilled or pan-seared salmon or tuna.    Regular Price: $12.99 -Wine Tasting: $11.69 – Online Price: $9.99.
  4. Scott Harvey: Zinfadel from Amador County, California 2013.  I fell in love with this wine the moment I smelled the essence of chocolate covered cherries. This wine can be paired with a multitude of dishes because of it’s cranberry and spice flavors.  I would love to try it with some Midwest BBQ!   Regular Price: $18.99 Wine Tasting: $17.09 – Online Price: $20.00.

After doing the online price checks I decided I will go back and buy the Scott Harvey: Zinfadel because that seems to be the best savings for wine this week.

Tomorrow, I will show you what meat I decided to pair the Pierre Qui Roule:  Cabernet Sauvignon with.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Wine Tasting

  1. Well,maybe I should try some “Bagby Pizza” and one of these wines with a “Midnight Bliss” kind-of-night,and I will be more lucky than the pot!Smile and laugh out loud!


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