Saturday Tasting

beer tasting

Saturday beer tasting proved to be fun. Surprisingly, the beers were good and I’m not a fan of beer. Give me one Corona on a hot day on a beach with a twist of lime and that’s good enough for me.  However, yesterday’s tasting may have been a game changer.

My favorite beer of the 11 displayed were #1 and # 6.  My hubby’s favorites were #1 and #2. The Burley Oak  “Bilsner” is a light, crushable beer that is crisp and refreshing.  New Belgium Ben & Jerry’s Collaboration ale contains 6.3% ABV (alcohol by volume).  This full-bodied ale has a perfect balance of vanilla and sweetness that makes you scream for ice cream.  It’s a very smooth and easy beer to drink.  The Founders Scotch ale is actually the strongest version of Scottish Ales.  The beer is on the low-end in terms of ABV, which is 4.7%.  The aroma is good, with fresh grass notes; fruity hops like melon, strawberry, and kiwi and hints of caramel malts.

I can’t wait until the next week’s tasting!


10 thoughts on “Saturday Tasting

  1. Wow – a Saturday Beer Tasting what fun that must have been and at the same time enjoyable tasting all the different types of beers.


  2. Beer is getting to be a very interesting and interesting drink here here and women are drinking . It is a great industry, so serve up a few beers at your next dinner party or visit a brewery.


  3. Beer is getting to be served at dinner parties and women are drinking it more than ever. So try buying it by the half gallon and enjoy the great taste.I love the different flavors made in the breweries in Brooklyn.


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