IHOP Breakfast

ihop1ihop2ihop3Come Hungry, Leave Happy is the Ihop slogan.  This morning we enjoyed their pancakes with Old Fashioned Maple Syrup and Blueberry Syrup.  My hubby tried their new cheeseburger omelette with pickles, tomatoes and cheese,  which he enjoyed.  I enjoyed the vegetable omelette as well.  It had plenty of spinach, cheese and mushrooms.  The crazy thing was that I went with a  coupon for 20% off and forgot to use it, but we did leave happy.  I guess that means we will be going back.

4 thoughts on “IHOP Breakfast

  1. OMG – the other day I drove by the IHOP I went to as a kid growing up in the Bronx. Wonderful memories, thanks for bringing them to the surface again.


  2. I will go there just for the pancakes and I was not aware they made all the other interesting foods. Heard they were never very expenses. Will find the location in my neighborhood. Thanks for all that information.


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