Spiritual Journey


“To Realize One’s Destiny Is A Person’s Only Obligation.  – From The Alchemist   by Paulo Coelho

I read the Alchemist years ago and decided to pick it up again after advising a friend to read this book.  This mesmerizing story is one of growth and personal development.  In short it’s about choosing to make the most out of life.  In this community I feel we all are doing just that. Yes, we are all at different levels; each with their own peaks and valleys.  Your choice to embrace life speaks volumes about who you are in this world.  ” When you want something with all your heart, that’s when you are closest to the Soul of the World.  It’s always a positive force.”

This popular fable is about the spiritual journey that we must take to fulfill our dreams and aspirations in life. In the midst of that journey we will encounter people whom we must learn how to trust and others that we will not.  The lesson is in us understanding the cues that are in the world to teach us and believing in God and his power to guide us.  The ability to accept who we are and love transforms and opens the soul to wonders and miracles that life has to offer.

The daily support that we show one another in our comments and likes are appreciated. Continue to uplift and inspire, as I intend to do through food, prose and sharing my daily experiences in life.


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