Waffle Crush

I don’t know about you but I love waffles. I consider my waffles delicious. However, I’m happy to say I need to add a new spin on my waffles. It’s all because I tried waffle Crush on a truck.  That’s the name of the traveling truck that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Their liege waffles come with a variety of fillings, spreads, fruits and toppings.  Some of the choices include: chocolate cream cheese frosting with bananas 🍌 and whipped cream, Nutella, berries and ham & cheese.  I brought the Cinna-Sugar, which was the liege waffle dipped in cinnamon, sugar and a scoop of vanilla cream cheese frosting.  The cost of the waffles vary according to desired options and are reasonable.  My waffle cost $4.25. Believe you me it was worth every bite.


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