National Adoption Weekend



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My pet dog is a 8lb. Morkie we rescued the weekend Hurricane Sandy hit in New Jersey. She was frail, her eyes were barely opened, and had to be bottle-fed. On our drive home it was utter chaos. I looked up at the dark-ominous sky and thought about how badly I wished to see blue skies again.  That thought led me to her name with a little help from the famous vodka, Skyy. From that moment until now she has brought our family joy.  She is loving and I shudder to think what would have happened to her had we not brought her home that day.

Skyy needed a home like so many pets do today.  Join me in spreading the news about this weekend’s celebration at your local participating Pet Smart and the importance of pet adoption. I know that pets are therapeutic and have helped many Americans.  For some people their pet is the only family they have.  Don’t forget with Mother’s Day coming up a pet may be a perfect gift.



4 thoughts on “National Adoption Weekend

  1. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful heart and SKyy is a lucky dog to have you. Your kindness seems to extend in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.


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