Mo’s Seafood

We stopped by Mo’s Seafood in Towson, MD. for seafood.  We ordered a bowl of Cream of Crab soup, which I will never make that mistake again. Then came the appetizers. We had steamed jumbo shrimps with grilled onions drenched in Old Bay Seasoning, which made them too salty. However, the Buffalo shrimp served with bleu cheese dressing and celery was a hit. Our entrees consisted of Seafood Marinara (shrimps, scallops & mussels served over linguini) rosemary potatoes and Chicken Parmesan. This restaurant has a variety of mouthwatering selections including 6 different Steampots, one of which I will try the next time I return. The service was nice and the restaurant was spacious. Their logo is; “Mo’s Knows Seafood  and I concur.

10 thoughts on “Mo’s Seafood

      1. Really?! I would imagine it would be thick like that because it had the crab in it. But since it was mostly soup/paste rather than crab, then I see why you weren’t a fan of it! Lol. Thanks for sharing!


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