Fish Fry

I hosted fish fry Friday once again.   The selection was porgy, perch and catfish. Both the perch and catfish were filleted in the fish market.  It was my first time eating this mild-flavored fish.  Upon hitting the heat it curled into a tight roll.  I seasoned the fish with black pepper, garlic powder and Old Bay.  I used Seasoned Fish-Fri by Zatarains to coat the fish before frying. The fish tasted great.  Unfortunately, the perch still had tiny bones that I didn’t expect.  The next time I will stick with porgies and catfish.


4 thoughts on “Fish Fry

  1. I just love Catfish and Porgies – – your fish fry is amazing. Thanks for the tip on Perch – don’t like bones in fish. Will try this real soon!


  2. Porgies being my favorite I am going to make some soon. Catfish my Mom use to cook with only cleaned and heads off and cook. They r delicious ,perch I will try . Sounds like u had a great time. Fried fish is a real treat.


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