Broken but not Forgotten


Every now and then God sends a problem to weaken you enough that you have to depend on Him.  It is enough of a barrier to stop you from getting caught up with yourself. It is enough to remind you of who is really in charge.

What is the part of you that didn’t get heal?  What is the area that is cracked that you learned to work over top of, to love over top of?  Do you love broken people? I know I do. Why? I do because I too am broken.  There are areas in my life that are need of repair.

Who is that person in your life that irritates you the most?  Is it that you are broken too? I have learned to be the student of brokenness.  The cracked part of me is a servant to my destiny.  I wouldn’t be nearly as tenacious in my life to overcome, conquer and move forward had it not been for that brokenness.

I’m crawling but I’m still moving.  I stopped crying and feeling sorry for myself.  I am in a fight some days,  but this is my life.  Like Jacob said , “I will not let you go, unless you bless me” (Gen. 32:26)  In the end of the struggle when Jacob wrestled with a Man until daybreak, he was blessed by God and when he crossed over Peniel, he limped on his hip.

You see God blesses us through our struggles.  Remember to walk in faith and never relent.  Push the limits in your struggle to understand what God is doing and know that you are never in the fight alone.


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