It’s more than LUCK.  It’s love and comfort in every POT. 

Scents from the kitchen have always made me feel at home. Food has the power to make one happy and arouse memories of family and good times shared. The kitchen is MY place of comfort. In every pot I have become transformed and awakened to the magical qualities of food. Many times in our lives the pots and their aromas on our stoves have represented comfort and warmth.

We know that everyone isn’t lucky enough to experience the enchantment and power of good food. At POT LUCKY we will bring our love of food to you and together we can stir love in each pot!

While recognizing that comfort comes from a pot to our tummies; comfort can also be found in a tender word.  Pot Lucky is here to do more than display a food or recipe.  It is hear to encourage, motivate, and uplift.  Therefore, in addition we will display words that make you laugh, invoke strength, warm your heart, provide comfort for your tears and help to bring light to your day.